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North Shore Ripper - Finn McGill

article: To be a stand grom these days on the North Shore is no easy task, but Finn McGill seems to have it wired, from charging good size pipe with... Read More


A few words with Dax McGill

article: 16-year-old girl grom sensation from the North Shore, Dax McGill has been racking up quite a bit of passport stamps lately and making her... Read More


Rory Russell Interview

article: Rory Russell is in Hawaii as you read this, but he wasn’t this past summer. He was shacked up in Laguna Niguel hanging with his mom and... Read More


Shapers Profile-John Pyzel

article: John Pyzel started surfing at a young age in Santa Barbara and moved to the North Shore in 1992, where he started out doing ding repair, and... Read More


Psycho Wardo Interview by Matt Biolos

article: The Chris Ward Interview by Matt Biolos. Wardo sat down with his shaper and good mate Matt Biolos to talk about boards, barrels and his time... Read More


The Froghouse Crew Destroys the Mentawais

article: 'There is no place like home… and there is no place like Indo! Those perfect waves you draw in your notebook actually exist in the Mentawais.... Read More


Surfing is Fun … But is it to Die For?

article: This is getting a bit out of hand. Even with advancements in lifesaving techniques in giant surf, life vests and tow assist, guys are still... Read More


Help Support Jaden Pang

article: Jaden Pang, 18, from the North Shore of Oahu found out late this October that she has a Cancer called Osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma a type of... Read More


Mick Fanning Helps Local Grom at Unruley Pipe!

article: Recently on a macking day at Pipe that saw a couple sets imploding out on third reef, OC's Tyler Gunter and a couple other groms decided to... Read More


PT's Talk Show starring Joey Hawkins

article: 'A Huntington Beach grom from day one, Joey Hawkins was more of a shortboarder than a longboarder when he got started and rode both on the... Read More


Let's Talk "Big Waves" with the Cave Dr.

article: By Cave Dr.\n\nIn my previous article for GJ titled, \ Tricks are Not Just for Kids\ , I wrote about moving from San Clemente to Peahi after... Read More


The 2 Biggest Issues with ASP Webcasts

article: Granted it's not as in depth as football or baseball, but pro surfing is a lot more exciting. But the webcast are becoming more and more... Read More


G+J Am Jam with Parker Cohn

article: Fifteen year old Parker Cohn from Newport Beach is not new to the contest scene but most certainly new to the NSSA Open podium. The Newport... Read More


Tricks Are Not Just For Kids

article: Thoughts on Surfing By Cave Dr.\n\nWhen I left San Clemente at the end of the 70's to live on Maui trick surfing or as it is better known... Read More


Find Art Gallery Presents "In Surf We Trust"

article: Starting Saturday, December 13, the Find Art Gallery located at 1640 Superior Avenue in Costa Mesa will host a week-long surf art exhibition... Read More