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Ghetto Juicers Recall the Biggest Hurricane Surf Ever (in the OC)

article: Actually, none of us really know when the biggest Hurricane swell ever hit the County of Orange, but we have a pretty good idea now after... Read More


BREAKING NEWS: Christian Fletcher Scores New Cover of Ghetto Juice Magazine issue #20!!

article: Normally we don't tell anyone what's coming in the next issue, because we like to keep you guessing . but in this case we'll make an... Read More


Dizm Eyewear Wants Just 5 Minutes of Your Time

article: The bad news is that our beaches are totally trashed. The good news is that the crew at Dizm has launched the Dizm Dayz movement. Yep, it's... Read More


God Save Santa Cruz; Exchange Boards, Not Needles!!

article: It is a sad situation for our sister Surf City up North, as Santa Cruz is going through some tough times. From crime to homelessness to a... Read More


Ghetto Juice presents 'North Shore' at Lido Theater in Newport Beach @ 8pm 4/25

article: Why do you keep calling me Barney? Because you are a Barney, Barney. Yup, Ghetto Juice magazine sure is proud to present the 25-Year... Read More


Surfing Roadshow …. Steiny's '84 Hurley

article: Today on Surfing Roadshow we're frothing on Kurt Steinmetz's '84 Hurley Team slide, and here to talk about it is the shaper Bob Hurley ... Read More


Beho's Not a Kook!!

article: Surf shop icon Mikey Beho, the legendary sidekick to the world famous TK, is one of the most classic acts in surf shop history, period. He’s... Read More


Q&A with Kanoa Igarashi's Broken Leg!!

article: Kanoa broke his leg surfing a week ago. He'll be fine. Click the black bar to read the full interview .\n\n\n\nGhetto Juice: How did you... Read More


San Clemente's Nuclear Reaction

article: No offense to HB, or Santa Cruz, but my Lord San Clemente has the deepest talent pool on earth, and it's gotta be something in the water.... Read More


Ryan Croteau Likes Big Tubes and Hot Babes

article: Young American Ryan Croteau Interview\n\nGhetto Juice: So Ryan, we got a windswell running today in the OC…. Are you psyched??? Do you still... Read More


Why D. Shea Hates Winter (in the OC)

article: I Hate OC (in the Winter). By Daniel Shea Greetings, Ghetto Juice Groms! I have taken the time to write to tell you: get out of town.... Read More


How Chris Waring Scored the New Cover of GJ #19

article: 'To find out how Waring scored the new cover we look no further than …. CSI: Cover Story Investigation 19. It all started late last year when... Read More


6,000 Fans and Blowing (up).

article: 6,000 Fans and Blowing (up). Yeppers, the Ghetto Juice Facebook “Fan Page” hits 6,000 fans! Six thousand shakas to all our Facebook fans,... Read More


Waring Chinese for the ISA

article: Waring Chinese for the ISA China Cup!! I mean, we’re in China. I mean Waring’s in China. We’re all wearing Chinese! Whatever the case, it’s... Read More


Stamps Approves New Ghetto Juice Truckin' Cap

article: Yep, we've got some in Froghouse, and some down at Russell and we're just getting going. If you can't make it to the OC, you can order soon... Read More

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