The Story of Orange County's Favorite Surf Mag

Founder Skip Snead explains the long story of Ghetto Juice

The story goes back to 1992 in the Newport Ghetto when I was just a young wide-eyed surfer with a knack for content development and a lot of friends surfing professionally and working within the industry. And so naturally I started a surf zine and called it Ghetto Juice. I called it Ghetto Juice for two reasons: 1) Because I lived and surfed in the ghetto religiously, and 2) the word 'juice' sounded really cool after the word 'ghetto'.

I produced four issues of Ghetto Juice before infamous mag pubisher Ali Baba hired me as Editor of his then-fledgling rag Beach Happy (currently called Blisss Magazine). I was straight on board, and Ghetto Juice came with me as it was incorporated into a monthly column inside every issue of Beach Happy. Several issues of BH later in the Spring of 1993 my work was noticed by then Surfing magazine Editor Nick Carroll who called my house one day and left a voice message that basically said, "Hey Skip, this is Nick Carroll at Surfing and there's a contest in Huntington this weekend and we wonder if you could cover it for us … could you call me back on 492-7873?" I called back post haste, agreed to cover the PSAA Richie Collins Drug Use is Life Abuse event in HB and filed my story. That was the start of a long relationship with Surfing magazine and in September 1993 - instead of starting my sophomore year at Cal State LB - I went to work as Assistant Editor full time at Surfing and spent the next several years climbing the editorial ranks covering the world of pro surfing. It was a dream job if I ever had one. And Ghetto Juice was a faded memory ….

Fast forward to early 2010 and I felt the world of surfing was missing something. A magazine that focused on Orange County surfing. No art, no skateboarding, no snowboarding in summer. Just surfing. Surf only. A free mag. Ghetto Juice! So I took a meeting with Volcom's then-Chief Marketing Officer Troy Eckert (a fan of the original Ghetto Juice in the early 90s) who told me, "Well, if you're going to bring back Ghetto Juice, Volcom will support you all the way … as long as we get inside front cover!" And Volcom's been inside front cover ever since!! But it didn't just pop to life. So many people helped bring it back! The surfers, the photographers, industry legends like PT, the list went on, including my old pal and Cringe magazine founder Joe McElroy who believed in the mag so much he offered to put his creative touch on it and join me moving forward.

The first issue featured a Tom Cozad shot of Andrew Doheny on the cover (pictured above) and launched to raving reviews during the 2010 US Open.

Six years and 42 issues later, here we are. More stoked than ever!!

And that's that.— Skip Snead, May 1. 2016

A note about this website from the web developer. In mid August 2016 it was noticed by the Ghetto Juice web developer that the GJ domain was no longer linked to this site. After making contact with former GJ staff it was learned that the magazine management had changed and that a new and improved site would be built. But it seems that this site was dropped from the domain before a new site was developed and at the time of this writing, there is still no new site. The last magazine uploaded to this site was in January.

Rather than delete this site, and out of respect for Ghetto Juice fans, we have left this site up. It will serve as a historical archive for fans unless requested by the owners of GJ to be deleted. In the meantime, all original content will remain on the site with only a few minor liberties taken to fix broken links and clean up the main page.

December 2016 Update: The GJ domain was not renewed and has been bought up by another company with no relation to magazines.

You can connect with Ghetto Juice on Facebook.

August 2017 Update: The Facebook page linked to above has been deleted. It also appears that the former owner of GJ has created a new website for a slightly different version of the magazine called "Ghetto Juice The Magazine". A few posts were made and then nothing for the past 6 months. One post claims that the old site was hacked by a Japanese wart removal company. The site however was not hacked, it was not renewed by the new owner and as a result, another company bought it when it became available for purchase.